Thursday, January 29, 2009

They started this op'ra shit

Amazon's oversea shipping nothing short of amazed me here the other day. To get my hands on Repo! The genetic opera, I ordered it form Amazons American site, and about a week later, the DVD arrived. Now, the movie is rather unique, not only because of its large soundtrack or the fact that it's actually an opera, with all the markings of the genre, except the tendency to be in Italian, but I digress.

Repo! has a style of its own, the dystopian future doesn't just feel dystopian, it feels profoundly fucked up, and yet, somewhat inviting. Don't get me wrong, it's not Harry Potter-style starry-eyed daydreaming this movie inspires, no, it's more a sort of hypnotic pull. In all its wretchedness, the crapsack world we're presented with seems alluring, could just be the awesome soundtrack, with all its awe-inspiring vocal greatness, but there's definitely an atmosphere to speak of.

Repo is indeed a movie to check out if you can.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dead Snow

I watched Dead Snow at its premiere, but various distractions prevented me from writing on it untill now. Also, I'm lazy, but that's nothing new. Let me just start off by saying that Dead Snow is several various kinds of awesome, although not every kind of imaginable awesome, there's still a few unclaimed veins of awesome that just *might* be refined.

Anyway, the zombies did more than jog, in fact they were quite agile, although they sadly were suffering from the henchman duel syndrome, or if you will, a strong dislike to actually swarm ye' olde intrepid adventurers and murder and/or eat them, like any sane strenght-in-numbers group actually would. Of course, it makes for better fatalities when they're so polite to run up to our heroes one by one to get slaughtered, but it feels a bit odd when some poor sod's time is up and the zombies overcome their stormtrooper syndrome and multistab said poor sod.

And yes, the zombies do stab people, and blow people up with grenades, and such. Of course, it's a fantastic opportunity for the people behind the camera to show off their mad period weapons knowledge, but it somewhat defies the whole "savage beast vs. inteligent and scared man"-thing. Still, said grenade usage is used to end one of the most unnerving zombie munchage scenes I can remember to have seen. In a comedy horror flick this may seem strange, but I've never seen first-person Death by Zombie, so it was particularly jarring.

At any rate, Dead Snow is a definite recomendation, provided you can get your mits on an eventual DVD release. Of course, for Norwegians, it's simpler. In fact, in that case, why are you reading this? Shoo, go watch Dead Snow.