Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Damn, that sucked

So, I watched Van Helsing again here the other day, don't ask me why, you'll receive only muffled excuses about it being late and my hilariously bad sense of judgment at the short hours of the night telling me that it couldn't possibly be as bad as I remember it to be. Sadly, and of course utterly predictably, I was wrong, very very wrong.

Well, to understand my declining respect for the film, I believe a short recap is in order. First time I saw Van Helsing, I found it quite enjoyable. Of course, I was young, inexperienced, stupid and high as a kite on sugar, so that might have explained it. It was only after I read Dracula and started understanding what the horror movie genre had to offer, that I saw why Van Helsing fell flat on its face. So, a couple of years pass, and I look back and rant about how bad that film is... and then, the happening above came to pass.

I won't go to lenghts describing what I find problematic about this movie, although the acting sucks, the fact that vampires apparantly lays eggs and the rough manhandling of every damn horror aspect of the horror icons they mangled. However, I do feel it raises a very interesting question in my head, maybe I should rewatch some old films I've panned in the past and see if it's worse or better. Of course, it's most likely to be worse, and I could spend my time... say, writing a script.

So, yeah, that's a rather pointless line of thought, but worth noting.

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