Monday, September 29, 2008

Upcomming chills and thrills

So, time to check out what manner of horror flicks one might watch in the close future.

First up on my fear forecast, we have a flick called House. No, I'm not talking about House or House, but a new 'un. From what I can read about it, it's a thriller about a maniac keeping a group of people trapped, forcing them to play a sick game of redemption. So, essentially, it's like Saw, with a hint of seven. On the positive side, what I could glean of said madman in the trailer looked kinda cool, although I'm not 100% sure how he(?) will fit into the whole "The wage of sin is death"-thing. Also, there better be a damn good reason for using a pentagram, it's kind of a cheap way of saying "religious horror, boo."

While on the topic of potentially tacky religious horror, we have a movie called The Devil's Chair, which is about some guy and his girl going to an abandoned asylum (uh-oh) to do drugs (double uh-oh.) In said asylum, they find the titular hellraiser-esque chair, and then hell, more or less litteraly, breaks loose. Despite how horribly cheesy this can turn out to be, I also think it could be interesting, who knows. At least the chair looks pretty wicked.

And now for a movie I'm actually quite excited about. Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. To quote the Bloody Disgusting synopsis:
Jack Brooks is an angry, young plumber who has repressed the memory of witnessing his family’s brutal murder. Only when he unknowingly awakens an ancient evil, is Jack forced to confront his past, deal with the monstrous reality of the present and discover the true purpose of his inner rage.
On one hand, it sounds a bit like a video game of some sort, kind of Silent Hill-esque, maybe with traces of Condemned, and we all know how movies with videogame plots turn out. On the other hand, I'm kind of hoping for a new The Evil Dead, with lots of gore and disposable quasi-dead mooks. Oh, and Robert Englund will be in it.

Next, we have a movie using a particular type of hypemachine I frankly thought had died out years ago. The movie in question is My bloody valentine 3D. That's right, 3D, just when you thought it was safe (for your eyes) to go to the movies again. The plot in MBV3D is about a guy in a miner's outfint killing people, so I don't think the question is "is the movie good," as much as "will the 3D be good?"

Also, something so relatively rare as a horror from Denmark. The film is Room 205, and is some kind of variation on the hunted house horrors. My stance is 'cautious pessimism,' as the whole thing is set in a college dormitory, and scandinavic horror have failed to impress me so far. Still, it didn't look all that bad, judge for yourselves.

Next up, a zombie flick Dance of the Dead. If the thought of a bunch of nerds slaying the living dead to save their schoolmates does not appeal to you, I just don't know what to say. Also, the zombies seem at least mostly slow-moving, and that's a plus. Will it be better than Shaun of the Dead, though? Time will tell.

Following the trend of movies whose general idea makes me all tingly with expectation, we have Repo: The Genetic Opera. This isn't as much horror as musical comedy/action with plenty o' gore in a dystopian society, kind of like Canibal: The Musical crossed with We will rock you. It's about a company that sells organs, and when someone fails to pay, they send a hitman to reposess the organ, oh and it's a musical, or to be more precise, a rock opera. As stated, this concept makes me all tingly inside, since both dystopic settings and musicals happens to be awesome, and actually can work well together. On the other hand, Paris Hilton's going to be in it, but it doesn't look like a major role, so there's no need to panick, yet.

Pretty long list, and that pretty much just covered the movies due for release around october/november that I had something witty to say about. Halloween season, I guess, makes horror pop up like toadstools.

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