Thursday, October 9, 2008

On a truly unnerving piece of celluloid

It's not often I wind up seeing a movie that's so profoundly screwed up that it truly freaked me out. Also, I really wouldn't expect a movie like this to come from our neighbours in the south, Denmark. The movie in question is called Dværgen, or The sinfull dwarf. The story? Well, it's about a starving artist-type author and his wife renting a room at a run-down place owned by a retired cabaret singer and her diminutive son, Olaf. As the movie continues, it's revealed that the two is running a formidably shady kidnapping/prostitution gig, and shortly decides that the young writers wife would make an excellent addition to their... collection.

This movie is what you'd call Dwarfsploitation, a genre I honestly can't blame you if you do not have a too close relationship with. The core ingredients are sex, drugs, women in distress and, as the name does imply, dwarves. Like most exploitation movies, the whole thing is done with the tastefulness and tact of your average porno. The comparison, incidentally, is quite accurate, with acting so poor in places that one really can nothing but whince. While on the topic of uncomfortable viewings, I've as of yet seen sex being portrayed so... lacking a better word... unappetizing, its a genre thing I s'pose.

The Sinful Dwarf clearly not a movie for the average watcher of flicks, in fact, I don't think I can recomend it at all, but it's an interesting experience if you want to know exactly how bad it can get.

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