Friday, November 14, 2008

UTAC: The second comming

's Right folks, I'm once again discarding any preconcieved notion about my own abilities as I with a shaky hand guide you through the most exciting upcomming horror movies, in: Upcomming Thrills and Chills: Part Two.

First, we have unborn, which appears to be sort of a Rosemary's Baby thing, except that the invading force is not a horrible sin manifested in flesh, fathered by the prince of absence of light, but rather horrible sin manifested in flesh by the ghost of the main characters unborn twin. I honestly doubt it'll be just as freaky and absurdly awesome as the previously mentioned flick, but it might be interesting, looks like it got some visuals revved up nicely.

Next up, we have a movie I have no freaking idea of what to think about. My name is Bruce. This movie is starring B-movie awesomeness provider par exellance Bruce Cambell, as himself. Somewhat in the spirit of the earlier Cambell movie, Bubba Ho-Tep, Bruce finds himself persudated by a gothy horror movie nerd to save his town from a malevolent Chineese diety. Now, this sounds awesome and all, but from the trailer, it might look like Mr. Cambell have taken open yet another can of "not taking himself too serious," mayhaps a can too much. Don't get me wrong, I like his ability to do so, but playing himself as a complete goofball might be too much of the good. Still, I'm looking forwards to the copious ammounts of uncanny vally-style special effects.

Moving on toward some good 'ole metahumor, we have Midnight Movie. This is, according to the synopsis about a group of people who finds themselves trapped in a deadly chase when the horror movie villain in the movie they're watching shatters the fourth wall completely and comes after the intrepid moviewatchers. So, horror in a cinema at nighttime? Sign me up. Granted, by the looks of it, the killer didn't seem that awesome, memorability-wise, but the concept is undeniably interesting.

Closing off, we have The Haunting In Connecticut, which is a movie which general plotline is so obvious it could only have been more so if they called it something like... say, Snakes on a Plane. Family moves into house "with some history," freaky shit starts to happen, a priest comes in, more freaky shit, problem survived, but probably not entirely solved. All along the way, we'll most likely also see most of the ghost house clich├ęs, including the "suddenly extremely moldy/rotten food" and "people in the mirror, wtf, no one there?" These two are confirmed from the trailer, I'm willing to bet my copy of House of the Dead there'll be more of the same in the rest of it.

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