Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ZOMGBie III: They just keep comming

I must say I feel slightly bad about missing my planned halloween-update, since it, in my opinion, is the very axis that the horror movie year revolves around. Aye, halloween is the time when ghouls and goblins of the night doth arise, and even mother nature and father seasons seem to be at eachothers throats, catching us in the middle of this rather unfortunate lovers spat. Anyway, I digress. Point is, them zombie movies are on the run again.

What we have on the Slowzombies agenda today is nothing short of an unique piece. We're talking a Norwegian Zombie movie, Dead Snow. To be more precise, it's a Norwegian action/adventure horror snowboarding nazi zomibe movie. I'm guessing the nazi zombies aren't snowboarding, bu to be honest, either result would only be marginally more wtf-worthy than the other. I saw some clips from the movie today, the whole thing won't be out untill the 9th of january, and that's on the silver screens of the northbound Vikings up here.

The clips were mostly zombie fatality-related, amongst others, there was a zombie-slaying scene which did nothing short of blow me away. A hammer, a sickle and a chainsaw was involved, no further comments should be neccesary.


Buuuut that won't prevent me from providing a few more anyway. It's quite an unique experience, for once I'm actually excited about a Norwegian movie. Sure, jogging zombiess does kinda rub me the wrong way, as described in great detail earlier, but since they are zombies that are also nazis, I do suppose they are excused, somehow. Also, the gore seems good, surprisingly so considering how Norwegian films have little to no tradition with gore whatseover.

In closing, I'm optimistic about this, and I certainly hope Dead Snow become the first of many successful Norwegian zedhead gorefests.

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