Monday, December 1, 2008

Ascension at last

So, as I wrote a few posts back, I bought myself a movie called Ascension a while ago, but I haven't had the chance, or may I also suggest guts, to see it untill just now. I don't know why I procastinated this particular movie for so long, but I guess I was preparing myself for the slow pacing I knew flicks of this particular type were bound to have, either that, or my 50,000 words OF DOOM had something to do with it. Probably a mix of the two.

I won't make this into a Slowzombies review, partially because I feel that I, like the maddened reviewer of John Carpenters Cigarette Burns can not do the movie justice with a review, I don't even think it's the kind of a movie you review. Most movies, you either like or dislike, they're either poorly done, or well-made, or somewhere in between. As you might have guessed, Ascension is a flick that is somewhat heavy on the artsy side, and I found myself drawn towards this. If this is because of my dabbling in the obscure movie business or not, I can't say.

So, the story goes, God is dead. By some unnamed incredible force, Nietzche was made right, and as a result, everything goes to hell. After the death of the Big Beardy in the Sky, his powers are spread amongst humans, making them "Prophets and Dieties." Now, it turns out that humans handle near-omnipotence very poorly, and sensless divine violence does happen. To stop this, three women set out to destroy the being responsible for destroying god, and thus bringing about the absolute end of the world. Don't ask me how that works, but that's the plan at least.

The big problem here is that this... whatever it is, has made its home on the top floor of a really tall building, and due to its presence, or some other factor, the three women are unable to use their god powers in traveling. Because... y'know, that would be too easy. Battling desperation at each step up the seemingly endless flight of stairs, the three women occasionally muse about life, god and similar topics while walking ever so slowly towards the self-inflicted apocalypse.

It's an interesting story, although the most interesting parts happens before the thing itself starts up, so you're left pondering on the implications of the backstory way past the halfway mark, while the movie continues to creep under your skin and do its thing there uninterrupted. Still, it is a bit drab for the average joe, and if you don't like long-winded artsy movies, I'd stay clear.

At any rate, Ascension definitely doesn't deserve its 4.4 IMDB score, but I won't rant about my take on said (awesome) movie sites (not so much) user base.

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