Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas special: Procrastination no more

Aye, merry gentlemen, and ladies as it may be, it is time to finish what I planned so way too many days ago. It's western horror comics time. There aren't all that many, but I'll give 'em a mention.

First of, we have a zombie comic. The Walking Dead is... well about zombies, you know, those good ole' meat-eating thingies, aim for the head'n all. When it comes to classification, TWDs zombies are very Romero, which just happens to be my favorite type of zombies, also, the characters are fairly likeable, in the respect that you actually think "Aww, no" when they get munched, or chopped to bits by survivors who handeled the crisis less fortunately than the protagonist. While on the topic of the protagonist, Rick Grimes is somewhat unique in that there's not many heroes of stories such as these who actually has a complete set of close family that follows him on his journey. It's a welcome break from the lone survivor being forced into a leader role. Also, despite waking up from a coma 28 days later-style, Rick is not annoyingly genre blind with the whole zombie thing. Any story that skips the annoying "ohmygodwhat'shappeningherewhyisheattackingme?"-part in favor of the more interesting parts, namely postapocalyptic zombie-slaying nihilism, wins a large gold star in my book.

While on the topic of zombies, I can't say I liked Marvel Zombies all that much. Sure, they're zombies, rotting and all, but superpowered, talking, scheming zombies isn't quite the same fun. I read it up untill the point where the titular zombies killed and ate Galactus. It just doesn't do it for me when the zombies build an elaborate death ray and then eat said near-god-like entity to absorb his powers of space travel, or dimension travel, I can't remember, 'twas traveling anyway. Superhero fans may like this one, but I didn't, not even counting the Army of Darkness part, if anything it just made it feel like more of a crossover fanfic. Then again, I do like Kingdom Hearts.

Moving on to our friends on the web, I'm currently reading a new and promising series called Crow Scare, the series is about a crow, a big, big crow. May not seem scary, but when it's on the size of a school bus, has teeth in its huge mean-spirited maw and a meanstreak an English mile wide. Aye, fear the King Crow. The intro text tells us that if you kill the King Crow's life-mate, it'll come for you, and to survive, you have to face it mano a corvus to hope surviving. Hasn't gotten too far yet, but it does seem to be an "innocent man versus a merciless force of nature/horror"-thing.

That's all for today folks, merry Christmas, yuletime, or whatever else you might celebrate.

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